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Large cooking area

36 × 34 cm

Reaches 500 °C / 932 °F

in 15 minutes

Recovery time

28 sec


The dome shape and construction materials play a pivotal role in creating a controlled airflow that enhances heat distribution and retention. This self-contained environment not only ensures even cooking but also captures and circulates the smoky flavors, resulting in an authentic culinary experience. The absence of a chimney simplifies installation and maintenance, making pizza ovens a convenient and functional addition to any cooking space.

While Glowen Dragon is smaller then its counterpart Raptor it still allows you to bake the same pizza size inside it.

Does Dragon Pizza Oven Make A Difference?

Pizza oven

Pizza ovens are specially designed to get the crust extra crispy without burning the toppings. They heat to nearly twice as hot: 500 °C / 932 °F. Hotter temperatures give a faster rise leading to larger more crispy crusts.

Regular oven

Traditional kitchen wall ovens or gas ranges that hover between  176 °C / 350°F and 246 °C / 475 °F. Regular ovens dry out the crust from longer cooking, making it tougher.

Regulated heat

Heat can be regulated for versatile cooking.


Bake Pizzas up to 33 cm (13 inch) in diameter.

Flaming hot

Reaches more than
500 °C (930 °F).


The Glowen Dragon oven weighs just 15 kg!

Perfect size

41 x 53 x 22 cm outer dimensions.


Cook pizza, meat, fish & vegetables with fire!

How Does Dragon Pizza Oven Get So Hot?


The dome shape of the oven allows for optimal heat circulation. As heat radiates from the heat source, it travels upwards, hits the curved dome, and then reflects down towards the cooking surface. This circulation ensures even distribution of heat, preventing hotspots and cold areas within the cooking chamber. As a result, your food cooks consistently and thoroughly, yielding delicious results.The dome shape aids in retaining heat. The dense, heat-absorbing materials often used to construct pizza oven domes, such as refractory bricks or stones, can store a substantial amount of heat. This retained heat ensures that the oven remains at high temperatures even when the heat source is temporarily removed, enabling efficient cooking over an extended period.


Rolling flame technology ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber. The rolling flames move across the cooking surface, eliminating hotspots and ensuring consistent cooking across the entire area. This even distribution is crucial for achieving uniform results, especially when baking or roasting delicate dishes that require precise temperature control. The consistent movement of rolling flames can lead to shorter cooking times. As the heat is evenly distributed and constantly in motion, it effectively cooks food faster while maintaining the desired level of doneness. This is particularly advantageous for high-temperature cooking, such as pizza baking, where a shorter cooking time helps retain the moisture and freshness of the ingredients.

Can You Use A Glowen Dragon Pizza Oven For Other Things?

With the Glowen Dragon, the resounding answer is a resolute “yes.” At the heart of its excellence lies the Dragon’s remarkable capability to reach a scorching 500 degrees Celsius in a mere 15 minutes. This impressive feat isn’t just about speed; it’s about precision and perfection. 

While other small ovens have tendencies to overheat your food because of small space Dragon differs from other ovens in its unique design. While remaining small it has a spacious inside chamber allowing consistent temperature and rolling flame which makes it perfect for all kinds of food.

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