How to make Pizza in
Glowen Raptor with Wood.

How to make Pizza in
Glowen Raptor with Gas Burner.

Want to know more
about the Glowen Raptor?

Read more about the firebox – how and when to use it. Educate yourself about the temperature differences inside the fire chamber and on the cooking plate surface. And more!

Our manufacturing
& development

Our product is developed and manufactured entirely in Slovenia that we can easily perfect our ovens and assure you the best quality for the best price.



Let us present to you our Food truck Pizza Fabrika and stationary franchise, Glowen pizza place Pizza Fabrika in Ptuj, Slovenia.

The story began when our Indiegogo campaign died, and we were left with no money and the food truck which we used for the campaign advertisement.

So we decided to give it a go and raise money for our portable oven business making pizzas in our food truck with our prototypes left from the campaign.

We have become quite famous pizza truck in Slovenia, and our first franchise was born.

But we never stop perfecting our ovens, so after years and a few 10.000 pizzas made, we developed the Glowen Raptor.

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