Bok, ja sam Ena!Dobrodošlli na moj blog!Slavonka krije pregršt dobrih recepata,sto načina kako iskoristiti svinjsku mast i tu i tamokoju pametnu o životu.

Hello, I’m Ena Kokanović Nagy. Professionally, I hold a master’s degree in Media Culture and am the proud owner of the digital marketing agency “Kreativna Koka.” My heart is forever captivated by my husband, Neven, as well as by cats, lamb, and Plazma cookies.

Like many, I grappled with a significant fear of public opinion when it came to stepping into the world of blogging. After much experimentation, buoyed by the enthusiasm of my dear colleagues (perhaps fueled by subpar student wine), they convinced me to launch my own blog – and thus, Foodgasm was born!

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