Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle

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What’s in the bundle?

  • Glowen Raptor
  • Metal wood holder
  • Gas burner instructions
  • Oven instructions
  • Gas burner with piezo
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Technical specifications


Glowen Raptor

  • dimensions without packaging: 50 × 50 × 38 cm
  • weight without packaging: 19.8- 20.2 kg
  • cooking surface: wood – 33.5 × 38 cm, gas – 38 × 38 cm
  • stainless steel (Aisi 430) resistant to high temperatures
  • baking plate 20 mm thick


Glowen Raptor Gas Burner

  • Dimensions: 320 x 200 x 120
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 8 kWh
  • This gas burner is compatible with large propane tanks.

Why choose Glowen Raptor?

  • Glowen Raptor offers a versatile experience of a true master of outdoor baking.
  • We can prepare everything from pizzas, steaks, vegetables, bread, fish to desserts like strudel or even cinnamon rolls.
  • The advanced design of the Glowen chamber offers ideal circulation of hot air, from the entry of cold air through the door to the exit of warm air through the chimney.
  • The Glowen Raptor can place anywhere.
  • The oven is very safe.
  • It is ready for baking in just 15 minutes.
  • Rolling flame typical of bread ovens will burn food in your field of vision so that you will have more control over it.
  • Glowen Raptor quickly reaches 500 ° C for baking Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds.
  • It’s developed and manufactured in Slovenia / EU.

53 reviews for Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle

    Mario Opačak
    February 25, 2024
    Odlična pizza peć, jako zadovoljni!! 👍🏻🍕🥳🥳🥳
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    October 29, 2023
    Raptor is an amazing oven, I'm very satisfied. It is the second oven for me, and during the selection an important aspect was that it's made in Europe. Further success to You!
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    October 5, 2023
    See below for English review. De Glowen Raptor. Deze pizzaoven sprong er voor mij uit door het coole en eigenwijze design. Na wat onderzoek kom je via YouTube diverse filmpjes tegen waarin Grega (de ontwerper/eigenaar) door de fabriek het bouwproces van deze oven laat zien. Hij spreekt zeer gepassioneerd over deze pizzaoven wat erg aanstekelijk werkt. Daarnaast laat het diverse technieken zien waardoor ik ook enthousiast werd. Feit dat de vlam aan de zijkant zit en je met een turning peel de pizza kunt bakken was voor mij doorslaggevend. Na het uitpakken van de oven stond deze direct mooi op een tafel. Met de gas module is het super eenvoudig om de oven op temperatuur te krijgen. Ook met hout is dit overigens eenvoudig, en stiekem leuker om met vuur te spelen. Dan het resultaat, de foto’s spreken voor zich, de pizza’s garen supersnel en mooi en is echt binnen 90 seconden klaar. Na twee keer proefdraaien heb ik de oven gebruikt tijdens een feestje om 25 pizza’s te bakken. Ook dit is geen enkel probleem, de oven en steen houden warmte goed vast waardoor je goed kunt doorbakken. De Raptor had veel bekijks en iedereen was enthousiast over het resultaat. De Glowen Raptor is een top oven, 10/10 would recommend 😊 In English: The Glowen Raptor stood out for me because of its cool and distinct design. After some research, you will come across various videos on YouTube in which Grega (the designer / owner) shows the construction process of this oven through the factory. He speaks very passionately about this pizza oven which is very contagious. In addition, it shows various techniques that also made me enthusiastic. The fact that the flame is on the side and you can bake and control the pizza with a turning peel was decisive for me. After unpacking the oven, it immediately looked nice on my table. With the gas module it is super easy to get the oven up to temperature. This is also easy with wood, actually more fun to play with fire. Then the result, the photos speak for themselves, the pizzas cook super quickly and beautifully, and are finished within 90 seconds. After two test runs, I used the oven during a party to bake 25 pizzas. This is also no problem, the oven and stone retain heat well so you can bake fast. The Raptor attracted a lot of attention and everyone was enthusiastic about the result. The Glowen Raptor is a great oven, 10/10 would recommend 😊
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Mile Iloski
    September 29, 2023
    Communication with the team is at an excellent level. Despite my many questions about dimensions and everything else, they always gave me friendly answers. The shipment arrived very quickly. The stove and other accessories were carefully packed. The stove is made of thick sheet metal and is built to last. Tested, outrageously good. I recommend to everyone. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Ohrid, Macedonia.
    Ralf Schiemann
    September 29, 2023
    Delivery: very fast / Communication: perfect / Recommendation: absolutely YES ;-) - and now the Raptor: whow, what a massive tool. I tried both wood and gas to make my pizzas - absolutely perfect. Gas is more easy but wood is much more fun.
    September 28, 2023
    Super peč za pice in kruhke v katere polnimo čevapčiče 😀
    Emil Helenyi
    September 25, 2023
    Excellent sturdy product, I love the design. Feels like owning a Tesla Cybertruck :-) The rolling flame kicks *ss, my two year old got hypnotized by it. Heats up fast, easy to handle, and the opening is big enough even for noobs like myself to turn the pizza.
    September 16, 2023
    Ich bin vom Ooni zum Glowen Raptor gewechselt und mehr als begeistert. Die größere Arbeitshöhe in der Kuppel, der stärkere Brenner und die Flammenführung durch den Kamin sorgen für beste Ergebnisse. Die Pizza wird genau so wie sie sein soll. Volle Empfehlung. Ich würde den Ofen jederzeit wieder kaufen.
    September 14, 2023
    High quality pizza oven. Lovely build quality
    Aleš Slapar
    September 14, 2023
    Really good pizza owen, just love it. It works fast and stays hot. And i like the responsivenes of the team. I’ve contact them between order on email and facebook messenger. All responses were fast and acurate.
    September 11, 2023
    Beautyfull oven. Great pizza oven creates awesome pizza's.
    September 11, 2023
    Perfect oven!
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    September 8, 2023
    The Best pizza oven with stylish design!
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    September 8, 2023
    Very good oven and good at same time!
    August 29, 2023
    Terrific! Not only does it look good, it's also super easy to use, feels very sturdy and bakes perfectly. 10/10
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    August 25, 2023
    Great oven! I tried it on wood and gas. Both ways are fantastic. On gas you have more control. Best thing i like is that oven distrubutes heat same on stone surface.
    József Kiss
    August 10, 2023
    The oven is amazing, I really like it.
    July 21, 2023
    Arrived quickly after order well packaged much better quality than what I have seen before in small pizza ovens. Good, solid, powerful gas burner without plastic parts. Made a small table at the right working height for the oven, so far very satisfied.
    July 21, 2023
    Arrived quickly after order well packaged. Much better quality than what I have seen before in small pizza ovens. Good solid powerful gas burner without plastic parts. Made a small table at the right working height for the oven, so far very satisfied.
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    June 30, 2023
    Mit bisschen Übung lassen sich in kurzer Zeit sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielen. Der Ofen ist jeden Euro wert
    June 18, 2023
    The Pizza Oven is a masterpiece of impeccable craftsmanship! This well-built oven delivers outstanding performance, heating up with the gas burner rapidly and baking pizzas to absolute perfection. With the outstanding performance, this oven is an absolute must-have for pizza enthusiasts seeking a truly delightful homemade pizza experience.
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    June 4, 2023
    I have no experience with other pizza ovens but if you are thinking of buying a pizza oven, don’t look further. Glowen Raptor is just an amazing built oven, quality everywhere without a single complaint. I’m just happy I decided to get a Raptor instead of any other oven. Thanks to Glowen for such a great product.
    May 21, 2023
    Outstanding oven! Handling is very easy and the Pizza comes out great! It’s almost cheating!
    May 8, 2023
    Great oven! Makes good pizza!
    May 2, 2023
    I folowed the instructions on you tube and the pizza turned out amazing!! It was like eating in better pizza places in Ljubljana. I couldn't believe it. And it wasn't just me, all the people that tried the pizza were surprised how good it was. :) Looking forward to bake more pizzas!
    April 27, 2023
    Good oven. Built very nice! Makes great pizza!
    April 22, 2023
    Ever since I've been using this oven, the best pizzas have been made.
    April 20, 2023
    Finally some quality pizza. Good upgrade/addon to my Napoleon grill.
    Glowen Raptor Black & Silver Bundle photo review
    April 12, 2023
    Great Oven, i love the option to fire with Gas OR Wood - both work perfect!
    March 30, 2023
    So I'm owning this beast for several months and I'm happy with it. Let's start with the dimensions. It can fit even on a balcony. I would not say it's easy to carry but it's lightweight enough to be possible to manage alone. The two kinds of fueling possibilities are very good but require practicing both. The wood is awesome if you use properly dried wood. Don't miss the word properly otherwise, you will end up working like a steam engine. The gas option is better for higher batch operations like 50+ and a clean worktop but it gives a little bit different result and no wood smell. The gas burner head is nice and easily heats up the unit to around 500 degrees celsius with a door. I found three design flaws so far. The first was the door. There is no option for reviewing the door so I'm leaving that here. It has an air-controlling small mesh window covered with an adjustable metal plate which is secured by a pop stud. After the first heat up it is impossible to move that small door without breaking the pop stud as it gets stuck. Should be better to replace that pop stud with a screw or something else that can still move after the heat shock. The second flaw is the gas burner gas pipe position. Right now if you install the gas burner head to the unit then you need to put something under the Raptor to be able to lay on a flat surface because the gas pipe connection is sitting lower than the Raptor unit base and the back part of the Raptor will be in the air. If there would be an option with a side pipe connection or rotating the head pipe connection that might solve this issue. The third is a makes the stone cleaning hard. If you place the stone into the Raptor it's almost impossible to remove it without turning it upside down. That would be good to leave a small single-finger hole on the side rail from the direction of the gas burner/ashtray to be able to lift the stone from that side for cleaning.
    March 19, 2023
    Awesome! We did not buy the Raptor YET but one of our friends had it. My girlfriend wants to Ooni i want the Raptor :) We're getting this one
    February 27, 2023
    Top pečka. Segreta v 15 min in pizza spečena v minutki. Odprtina je dovolj velika in visoka tudi za druge jedi kar je velika prednost pred ostalimi pečkami, da o kombinaciji ali plin ali drva ne govorim.
    GEIGER Laszlo
    February 27, 2023
    I wont’t say much, because if i tell you how satisfied i am, you would think Glowen paid me for doing this. :D Keep up the good work. :D
    Anders Ohlsson
    February 22, 2023
    Top pizza oven. Workshop really well even in outside vild climate.
    Jan Willem
    February 21, 2023
    Wonderful oven that gives really nice pizza. Key is to heat it up properly before the first pizza, and delicious results is guaranteed after that.
    January 12, 2023
    Gamechanger in making pizzas. Glowen turned my pizza results from „ok“ to „great“!
    December 30, 2022
    Great product!
    December 14, 2022
    What a great oven, it’s fabricated very good. It takes time to get used to making pizza in it. The first attempt was a bit dark but you more you bake in it, the better it gets.
    December 13, 2022
    It comes in well packed package, with GLS to Hungary. My firs opinion that it is a well designed a built oven. At first glance, it is worth the price.
    December 12, 2022
    Great pizza oven.
    December 11, 2022
    Really what was promissed. Compared to my first 13“ gas oven it is a real world between. Glowen Raptor powered with gas is a great oven. Really hot and good to handle. No big heat drops on the stone. So it is pretty easy to progress. I would buy it again!
    December 9, 2022
    Top pizza owen!
    December 7, 2022
    Very good pizza oven, nice design, it heats up quickly and the pizza is cooked in just over a minute!
    Molnár Sándor
    December 7, 2022
    A very good pizza oven, it heats up quickly and a pizza is baked in just over a minute!
    October 19, 2022
    I really love it! Food that's made in a Glowen oven is truly unforgettable, and there may be no better example of that than the pizza. With its thin, slightly charred, smoky crust, it tastes like the stuff you’d find in Italy.
    October 19, 2022
    I really love it! Food that's made in a Glowen oven is truly unforgettable, and there may be no better example of that than the pizza. With its thin, slightly charred, smoky crust, it tastes like the stuff you’d find in Italy.
    October 18, 2022
    It heats up really quickly, pizza cooks in 60-90 seconds.
    October 18, 2022
    It heats up really quickly, and pizza cooks in 60-90 seconds
    October 7, 2022
    September 24, 2022
    Really good pizza owen, heats up in no time and bakes a pizza in less than two minutes!
    September 13, 2022
    Best owen ever and not only for pizzas 💪👍top
    September 7, 2022
    Very nice
    Munkácsi Tamás
    September 4, 2022
    Good company, good product, I like good pizza :) Good luck in the future !

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