Glowen handcrafted leather apron


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Our Glowen apron is handmade with great care, making each product very unique. We use soft and high-quality grain leather, and as the leather lives and breathes, these aprons become more beautiful over time. The apron was designed for (home) cooks and people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Although it’s also the perfect must-have for serious pizzaiolo & barbecue professionals, both are indispensable companions!

It is made from 100% cowhide leather.
It offers ultimate freedom of movement and comfort, while the lined pocket provides ample storage space.

The leather is natural and not coated. As a result, natural marks are visible on the surface and the color is not 100% homogeneous. The surface was waxed to make the leather water-repellent. The natural finish makes the apron easy to care for and durable, bringing out the leather hide’s unique characteristics.

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Technical features

  • heat-resistant and water-repellent leather
  • length: 89cm, width: 74cm (without neck and waistband)
  • made from 100% cow leather
  • adjustable at the neck and waist
  • superior quality
  • weight: 700g
  • made in Slovenia


Care and cleaning:
The leather apron is easily wiped with a wet cloth. In the case of stubborn stains such as dried sauce or dough, the stained area must first be moistened to soften it, as repeated rubbing with wet, rough cloths can lead to slight abrasion of the wax layer. They are not machine washable. Grease and oil splashes are absorbed into the leather without leaving stains.
Any scratches or scuffed areas can be touched up with leather care.

What’s in the box?

• Glowen handcrafted leather apron

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