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The art of pizza making, is an always expanding galaxy of flavors and shapes - from focaccia to Romana, from Barese to Neapolitan. Your new adventure awaits you.. just follow your captain!


Born in Bari, Italy.

He grew up in his family’s pizza restaurant opened in the 60’s by his grandfather, making Vito a 
3rd generation pizza chef working alongside his parents.

He started making pizza at the tender age of 7 years old and has honed his skills over the years to serve him well today! 
He moved to the USA and helped open Michael’s Pizzeria in Long Beach, California and immediately took the formidable title of “Best Pizza Joint in The USA” 2013-2014 by Zagat. In 2014, he then opened his very own “PROVA The Art of Pizza”, in Los Angeles

World champion pizza master

You can follow me on my journey

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Sem Tina, moja strast je Instagram. Že nekaj let svoj čas in energijo posvečam trenutno najpomembnejšemu družbenemu omrežju Instagram, spremljam.

I’m Tina, and my passion is Instagram. For several years now, I’ve devoted my time and energy to the currently most significant social platform, Instagram. I follow and study every update of its algorithm, unravel new tricks, and devise various strategies for the path to success.

To me, Instagram is like a game. At every level you reach, you gain new followers and learn something new. I’ve unlocked so many new rooms that it’s time to share the acquired knowledge with you. Everything I know, I’ve learned and tested on my own, and I’ve amateurly built a profile with over 160 thousand active followers, bringing in a steady income. I’ve also helped enhance the visibility of various domestic and international bloggers and businesses. I’m here to assist you, provide advice, and explore with you this ever-engaging and evolving world of digital marketing. Together, we’ll leverage the potential of your product or service and elevate it to the next level.

Hey there. My name is Tim Bereika and welcome to Kitchen & Craft. My goal is to shoot, edit and upload cooking videos that are informative, concise and help to show others the beauty in cooking.

As a former executive chef, Tim helped to nurture Richmond’s fast growing food scene. He racked up a heap of four-star reviews and consequently earned himself the title of Richmond Magazine’s “Best New Chef” in 2011. In 2012, Tim received a nomination from the same publication for “Chef of the Year”.

His culinary career took him from Richmond to Tuscany, and back again. While studying at the prestigious Culinary Institute of Florence Tim learned the finer points of from-scratch pasta and hand-made charcuterie. His time spent at the CIF was offset by a stint moonlighting at the nearby Ristorante Ricchi. This establishment was largely considered one of best restaurants in Florence.

When Tim returned from Italy, he honed his skills at the landmark Amici Ristorante before opening the kitchen at Secco Wine Bar in 2009. In 2012, Tim accepted the Executive Sous Chef position at Mosaic Catering and Events, Richmond’s largest cater. In 2014, he moved on to become the executive chef at the newly opened Urban Tavern where Tim remained for two years before hanging his culinary hat in 2016. Tim’s food had been featured in The Local Palate, Plate Magazine, Richmond Magazine and Nation’s Restaurant News.

Nowadays, Tim has shifted his culinary efforts to growing his Youtube channel, Kitchen & Craft. He shoots, edits and uploads all of his own content with an overarching goal to be informative, concise and help to show others the beauty in cooking.

former executive chef

You can follow me on my journey

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Moje ime je Nina in sem avtorica bloga Leaneen. Po izobrazbi sem diplomirana etnologinja in kulturna antropologinja, pot pa me je nepricakovano zanesla v boli kreativno smer.

My name is Nina, and I am the author of the Leaneen blog. By education, I hold a degree in ethnology and cultural anthropology, but unexpectedly, my path took a more creative turn.

I’ve been creating content for Leaneen (pronounced “linin”) since August 2015. It all began during the summer break while I was studying when I found myself a bit bored. I decided to start my own website with recipes and ideas for exploring Slovenia and its surroundings.

Moje življenje se vrti okoli mojih Eme in Flore in ker zanju želim le najbolje, se trudim, da je taka tudi njuna prehrana. Trudim se čim več uporabljati sezonsko, lokalno pridelano hrano.

Hello, I’m Vita Starman – a mom, wife, daughter, friend, neighbour, culinary enthusiast, animal lover, and appreciator of all things beautiful.

Becoming a mom turned my world upside down, my life revolves around my daughters, Ema and Flora. Wanting only the best for them, I strive to ensure that their diet reflects this. Much of my efforts are focused on using seasonal, locally sourced food. Our family primarily shops at the local market, embracing the classic Saturday market trip as our family ritual.

Midva sva Tjaša in Blaž…… in midva kuhava!
Že več kot desetletje naju združujejo strast do elektronske glasbe, obsedenost z namiznimi igrami, težnja po potovanjih ter seveda ljubezen v kuhi.

Meet Tjaša and Blaž, a dynamic duo passionate about the world of culinary delights and beyond. Their expertise lies in the realm of recipe development, where they transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary gastronomic experiences. Hailing from a picturesque corner of Slovenia, they infuse their rich cultural heritage into their creations, adding a unique and flavorful touch to every dish they craft.

I'm Ribafish, a hedonistic soul in his fifties, embracing life's pleasures through savoring delicious meals, indulging in drinks, and spreading laughter among those around me.

Ribafish is a jovial hedonist, a middle-aged guy who enjoys eating, drinking, and making people around him laugh.

Bok, ja sam Ena!Dobrodošlli na moj blog!Slavonka krije pregršt dobrih recepata,sto načina kako iskoristiti svinjsku mast i tu i tamokoju pametnu o životu.

Hello, I’m Ena Kokanović Nagy. Professionally, I hold a master’s degree in Media Culture and am the proud owner of the digital marketing agency “Kreativna Koka.” My heart is forever captivated by my husband, Neven, as well as by cats, lamb, and Plazma cookies.

Like many, I grappled with a significant fear of public opinion when it came to stepping into the world of blogging. After much experimentation, buoyed by the enthusiasm of my dear colleagues (perhaps fueled by subpar student wine), they convinced me to launch my own blog – and thus, Foodgasm was born!

Hi there, I'm Vinny Dixon, a chef with a passion for food. I enjoy cooking and eating all kinds of dishes, but steaks are my specialty. I'm from Ireland, but I've traveled the world to learn new cuisines and techniques.

Greetings from Vinny Dixon, a dedicated chef with a profound love for the culinary arts. Vinny takes immense pleasure in both preparing and savoring a wide array of dishes, with a special expertise in crafting delectable steaks. Hailing from Ireland, Vinny’s culinary journey has taken them across the globe to absorb diverse cuisines and master innovative techniques.

Greetings, I'm Zsolt Kámán, a passionate Pizzaiolo hailing from Szombathely, Hungary, Europe. With a background in Pizza Art & Engineering, I've mastered the art of crafting mouthwatering pizzas that not only satisfy your taste buds but also ignite your imagination.

Meet Zsolt Kámán, an enthusiastic pizzaiolo from Szombathely, Hungary, Europe. With a foundation in the art and engineering of pizza, Zsolt has honed the skill of creating delectable pizzas that not only please the palate but also spark creativity and imagination.

enthusiastic pizzaiolo

You can follow me on my journey

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that's me, Urška
Z veseljem delim ljubezen do kuhanja. Pridružite se nam na kulinarični pustolovščini - naša kuhinja je vedno odprta.

Urška Fartelj (1976) je diplomirana organizatorka managerka, ustvarjalka kulinaričnega bloga 220 stopinj poševno in avtorica kuharskih priročnikov. 
Že 7 let na svojem blogu 220 stopinj poševno zapisuje navdihujoče recepte slastnih dobrot, pripravljenih v njeni domači kuhinji. Živi v Prekmurju in njeni preizkušeni družinski recepti so prek spleta našli pot v številne slovenske in tuje domove.

Na 220 stopinj poševno pride vsak mesec iskat njene recepte več kot 200 tisoč različnih posameznikov, stran beleži več kot milijon ogledov na mesec. Tako kot na blogu, tudi v knjigi izstopata praktičnost in uporabnost receptov, kajti najraje od vsega bi rada ljudi navdušila kuhanja. S svojo kuharijo želi Urška bralcem sporočiti, da se lahko vsak nauči kuhati, če hoče. Želi jih vzpodbuditi, da začnejo v kuhinji ustvarjati, preizkušati nove recepte, se poigravati z okusi in uživati v priprave hrane za svojo družino, za tiste, ki jih imamo radi.

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