Temperature differences
inside the fire chamber

Glowen Raptor heats up super fast and retains heat due to its ceramic insulation.

The highest temperature is at the top of the chamber; the lowest is at air entry into the oven. Air circulation is the same as in authentic brick bread ovens.

Temperature differences of the cooking plate surface

Large cooking surfaces and different plate temperatures allow you to cook your food like professional pizzaiolo in your favorite pizza restaurant.

The plate’s temperature is highest at the fire, and on the other side of the chamber, where the section is most elevated, the temperature is relatively lower on the bottom and highest on top.

While making pizza, it is essential to turn the pizza inside to make it perfect. Do not fall on phrases like, you have to turn your pizza only once.

Pro tip: To make a good pizza, you have to turn it at least four times, quarter by quarter.

The Firebox – Your
new best friend

The crackling of wood in the fire creates a unique experience, and the smoke adds flavor to the food.

The firebox is big enough for burning larger wooden logs. This means you will be carefree when cooking and retaining lower temperatures for a longer time.

When you make Neapolitan pizza, you use smaller firewood, and the Raptor will serve you with extreme heat.

We recommend using a firebox for beginners, but you can also burn without it for extra space on the cordierite plate.

When burning for a long time, you will have to remove some ash to a metal bucket filled with water.

The wood is added to the firebox with a metal peel from the front.

Door upgrade
for slow cooking

Doors are designed to maintain a lower temperature when preparing meals, such as baking bread larger pieces of meat. They work by shutting off the air supply, regulated on the side flap, thus achieving slower combustion. They have a handle to help us install and remove the door.

*Doors are sold separately.

Glowen Raptor’s
Ceramic Insulation

The Glowen Raptor is fully insulated with ceramic insulation for best heat retention. A 13 mm thick insulation integrated into Raptor can stand up to 1200 °C / 2190 F. Double insulation under the baking stone will help you cook at higher heat for longer periods of time.

Oven size
& dimensions

All measurements are in mm.

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