Marinated oven-baked prawns

In collaboration with: Anja Burgar Ingridients: 450 g cleaned prawns 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon lime juice Zest of one lime ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ tablespoon ground sweet paprika A pinch of cayenne pepper 2 cloves of garlic A few sprigs of thyme Instructions: In a […]

Deep dish Chicago style pizza

Authors words: BY: Ena Kokanović Nagy Ever since I started researching pizzas, this one immediately went on the “must try” list. There are several types of deep dish pizza, and this Chicago style attracted me because the dough is completely different from what we are used to eating in pizzas! Crisp, almost like a biscuit, […]

Glowen lunch 

Authors words: BY: Ena Kokanović Nagy Now I am completely in love with the Glowen stove. Who would have thought that it would not be after pizza but after a complete lunch! Just like in restaurants, I decided to use this oven for everything, so I made a lunch consisting of skirt steak, roasted vegetables […]

A la Neopolitan pizza

Authors words: BY: Ena Kokanović Nagy When I was in Naples, I learned that when you have something traditional on a menu such as Bolognese, you have to call it “A la bolognese” if it’s a restaurant that is not located in Bologna. So, this is “A la Neopolitan pizza,” which I also studied hard […]


CLASSIC SAUCE FOR GLOWEN PIZZA Ingredients: Add the peeled tomatoes to the container in which you will store the sauce and knead them with your hands. This way the sauce stays thick enough to add an intense flavor to the pizza.Add salt and stir. The sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to […]

The best pizza dough

Ingridients: 1 kg of flour type 00 * (different flours take different amounts of water) 30 g of sea salt 0.7 g of fresh yeast in winter / 0.1 g of fresh yeast in summer 0.64 l room temperature water (20 ° C) in winter / 0.63 l cold water (10 ° C) in summer […]

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