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About affiliate program

Affiliate Marketing describes revenue-sharing networks between businesses and affiliate marketers. The goal of affiliate marketing is to reach as many people as possible while rewarding users for doing so.

How does it work

After registering you will be asigned an affiliate link. After that you are able to send this link to as many friends as you would like to introduce them to our products. And to pay out our gratitude for each purches that your friends make we will give you a 4% store credit payout which you can use whenever and however you want to on our online store.


We want you to feel like you are a part of Glowen family thats why we would like to give back to our customers for every recomendation. With our affiliate program you will now be able to earn money while promoting your favorite ovens and accessories

Full control over your earnings

Once you create an account you will be able to acces your affiliate dashboard. In your dashboards you can control everything that happens to your account. You can set your affiliate link to whatever you want to as well as request your own personal cupon.

Your affiliate link

As soon as you make your account you will be given your custom affiliate link "" which you can change later as you want. Your link will work like a tracking number, so every order that will be made from your starting link will give you a 4% payout.

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if you have any more questions contact us on [email protected]
(all the payouts will usually go out in about 7 days)

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