The GLOWEN Great Pizza Guarantee

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At Glowen, we know that when you get one of our pizza ovens, you will make great pizza at home. Because that’s what our ovens let you do. How can we be so sure? When you combine those temperatures with a stone baking board, you get the perfect recipe for producing perfect pizzas.

But - to make sure that you have the same level of absolute confidence that we do, when you are considering whether or not to buy - we guarantee you that your Glowen Pizza Glowen will let you cook great pizza at home.

So - if you buy a Glowen pizza oven and you can’t make great pizza you have 55 days to return it

The Glowen Great Pizza Guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions. We refer to your oven as “your Glowen”.

• Read the Essentials Guides and follow our really simple instructions for getting the best out of your Glowen. - these are simple, straightforward honest tips about o how to stretch the pizza out and top it o how and when to launch the pizza and o maintaining temperature in your Glowen
• In order to claim under this guarantee you must: o notify us within 55 days from the date of delivery o have had the oven for at least 30 days, and o Had at least 10 attempts to cook GREAT pizza.
• This guarantee only applies to purchases made through
• In order to claim under this guarantee you will need to contact us via [email protected]! and provide your order number and delivery date.
• This guarantee only applies to the pizza making ability of your Glowen - we have a full returns policy that you can read more about here that covers faults etc. If for some reasons your Glowen is actually faulty - of course we will get you a new Glowen - Glowen Experience Support!
• The guarantee does not affect your statutory rights in relation to your Glowen.
• Your Glowen must be used in accordance with the Manual and Essentials Guide which are provided with your oven. If these have not been followed, we reserve the right to reject any request for an exchange.

In practice, we will ask you to go have another go using Glowen properly, because at the end of the day, we want you to LOVE your Glowen. Let’s get you making great pizza together.

Before any returns contact us on [email protected]

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